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Sunday, 25 June 2017

two gardens

What a change in weather! Wednesday was the last hot, hot day and the day after the temperature dropped by 10C at least; on Friday night the much wanted rain arrived. 
But of course - it is Glastonbury weekend!
Still, my garden is loving it!

On Friday we visited Stourhead - little disappointing;
 not very much colour here in June;
 the dry hot spell made it even drier.

Little colour here and there.

new arrivals

There is lots more colour in our garden; 
the waste water from the kitchen helped to keep it alive during the hot weather.

Lavender in the front of the house loved the heat,

and a new rose bed, planted last winter, is doing well too.
This is "Noble Anthony" .

The weather here is back to normal for June; not too warm, with some rain. 
Unfortunately not warm enough for stitching in the garden today, 
so it has been "baking Sunday",

supply of bread for the freezer

 and rather indulgent cookies.

My house smells of chocolate 😀.

Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Beautiful blooms in your garden....such a treat to see from my subtropical area. Your baking looks delicious too x

  2. Gorgeous pic's... I very much enjoyed the time spent with you.
    Thanks for taking me along...xox

  3. your garden is delightful you have worked so hard to make it so beautiful much be an absolute joy to sit out and stitch there

  4. Thank you for such beautiful photographs. Your garden is lovely. Down here in Ramsgate we still haven't had any rain, it has been a struggle with my little garden so a particular joy to see yours.

  5. Fabulous photos of your garden Is the first flower picture a verbascum or an apricot coloured delphinium? Really unusual. Lovely post.

  6. Enjoyed the photos of your lovely garden Radka. Must involve a lot of watering at this time of year, but well worth it. I am thinking of planting more into pots.

  7. Your garden is beautiful,Radka , there are amazingly many flowers to see. You have a green thumb. The chocolate muffins look delicious, i'll be there for tea. Have a happy week, Carmen

  8. Lovely, lovely garden pics Radka. Much cooler here too and rain. Heavy rain at times - bliss! Full water butts which is great. Several more days of rain to come which is good too as the ground really needs to soak up lots. xx

  9. This whole post is yummy in every way ��

  10. Such beautiful colour & lovely photos, thank you for sharing the beauty.

  11. Awesome blog, i always enjoy & read the post you are sharing!
    Thank for your very good article...!



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